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Learn Smarter, Remember Longer, with AI at your side.

Xon is an intelligent flashcard platform, where better, faster learning happens. Harness evidence-based study principles and AI to learn once and remember forever. A revolution in learning awaits you.


Streamlined Learning: Powered by Spaced Repetition and AI

Harness the power of AI to supercharge your learning, using spaced repetition to embed knowledge deeper and faster.

Skip the grind - From the builders of PDF2Anki, Xon's AI instantly transforms your study materials into ready-to-use flashcards, saving you countless hours.

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Retain more, stress less - Xon's adapts the evidence-based spaced repetition technique which strategically spaces out your review sessions, adapting to your memory pattern, so you remember more with fewer reviews.

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Learn together - With Xon, connect and collaborate effortlessly, making studying a shared and more effective experience.

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Experience focused guidance - Smart Assist provides immediate, detailed context to enhance understanding and retention. Get the insights you need, exactly when you need them, to study smarter and remember longer.

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Learn and Remember Knowledge at the Speed of Thought.

Redefine your learning strategy with a platform built for long term knowledge seekers. Built for doctors, language learners, students, teachers and curious minds.

Pre-Made Decks Library

Start with a click. Expand your knowledge with ready-to-use flashcards from our comprehensive library.

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Block-Based Editing

Stack up your learning. Customize flashcards with an intuitive block-based editing system—no hassle, just drag and drop.

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Limitless Styling Freedom

Highlight your way to success. Style your flashcards with a suite of formatting tools for clear, focused learning.

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Pause and Flag

Study at your pace. Pause to ponder or flag for focus—take control of your study session with one click.

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Study Modes

Choose your challenge. From new learnings to revision crunches, pick the study mode that fits your goal.

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From the Team behind PDF2Anki

Designed by Medical Students. Built for Every Learner.

Xon's foundation lies in the evidence-based study techniques of active recall and spaced repetition, enhanced by AI-driven feedback and gamification.

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Powerful Search

Retrieve the information you need instantly with Xon's powerful search. Navigate through decks or access your entire knowledge base with a simple search.


Organize your study materials with tags for efficient recall. Group concepts across multiple decks and seamlessly import tags from Anki for a unified learning experience.

Import from Anki

Import your Anki cards, complete with decks, images, and tags to Xon in 1 click.

Today View

Stay on top of your learning goals with Xon's Today View, which organizes daily due cards across all decks for efficient studying.

Automatic Syncing

No more manual syncing in Xon. Your progress is updated across all devices, optimized for both mobile and desktop learning environments.

Deck Preferences

Tailor your study sessions with Xon's deck preferences. Control the influx of new cards and choose between sequential study or a random shuffle of cards.

Embark on Your Ultimate Learning Adventure

Xon bridges the gap between aspiration and achievement, uniting learners of all levels with cutting-edge tools. Ready to transform your learning experience?